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Is Leg Press Machine Recommended

There are many types of exercises which you can try for your fitness but if you are planning to add a new workout that can help you get the desired body shape then that isn’t a bad idea, but you have to acutely aware of the Advantages and the Disadvantages of the exercises. Many trainers prefer

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Physical Preparedness

Much has been demonstrated in regards to the efficacy of integrating various training methods into the training programs of high school athletes and power development/strength athletes in general. What has failed to have been demonstrated in many instances, however, is sound and logical judgment in making the determination as to what means and methods of

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How Often Should You Exercise?

Years ago when I was a professional bodybuilder, I fell into the mindset that the more I exercised, the less fat I ate, the better I would look and feel. At the time this seemed like the logical thing to do. And maybe in my mind that was correct. However, from my bodies stand point,

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