Is Leg Press Machine Recommended

There are many types of exercises which you can try for your fitness but if you are planning to add a new workout that can help you get the desired body shape then that isn’t a bad idea, but you have to acutely aware of the Advantages and the Disadvantages of the exercises. Many trainers prefer not to get into the details with the trainee because they know what they are doing.

However, since we are not aware of the fact that if it is harmful or good for you. If you are independently trying the workout outside of the GYM, then you have to learn if the exercise has any disadvantages that you are unaware of because it can turn out be a cause of the injury.

Is Leg Press Machine Recommended?

When you are planning to work out alone, then you need to be aware of the Advantages and Disadvantages because it will help you prepare appropriately and also you will have a good picture of what works and what doesn’t. In the case of leg press machines, we all are aware of the advantages it comes along with the exercise, but not many people know that it has many disadvantages than advantages.

If you have never heard fog it before, then I would like to take this moment and tell you few disadvantages which can help you decide whether you should add the work out to your list or not.

Leg Press Machine Disadvantages

  • Long press machine puts your lower back at risk. If you have paid little attention, then you will notice while working out on a Leg Press Machine that you have to keep pushing it upwards and then downwards which will take the strength of your body. Most of the pressure is concentrated to your lower-back, and there are higher chances of hurting your lower back.
  • When you are working out, you always need someone aside to watch over your job out because the absence of a trainer has cost many people with injuries. You can ask someone to be your side so that when things go wrong, the coach can help your get out of the situation.
  • Your legs are the one who feels the pressure and also to take an impact every time you work out. So you need to ensure that your legs are feeling well and you should check them if your legs are feeling well for the workout. Many incidents have reported that people have injured their legs while using the machine.
  • Leg Press Machine consume a lot of space, and they come at a high price. They are not easy to move around because they are heavier than your weight. Cleaning them is easy but moving them around while cleaning is tough.
  • Not to mention, the price which you have to invest to have it at your mini GYM, they are expensive, and you cannot get them at an affordable price.

We have pointed out few disadvantages you have to put up with the Leg Press machine every day. Also checkout the Video tutorial by


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