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The evolutionary process of sport training is unending.

It has long since been my knowing that the possibility of constructing new means is minimal while the possibility of constructing new methods of programming and organizing the training is limitless.

An interesting dichotomy exists amidst the course of study and practice of sport training: as the understanding of the science and practice of training becomes clearer it also becomes more intricate and complex.

The most significant advancements in sport science were made in the former Soviet Union and Eastern bloc Europe. The Western sport training community is far from absorbing what was done in these countries as far back as the 1960’s. For this reason, I have found solace in devoting the near entirety of my research related efforts towards investigating the training methodologies that were pioneered in the former CCCP and Eastern bloc Europe.

To this end it is of extreme importance to note that the sport training process demands that the coach and trainer of athletes possess an understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, bioenergetics, and the biodynamics of the sport form.

The coach must then possess the capacity to methodically plan training to suit sportsmen of varying disciplines, of varying levels of preparation, and varying levels of qualification in their process of attaining sport mastery.

It is the responsibility of the coach and trainer to ensure that sportsmen under their guidance and training receive much more then physical development. Coaches and trainers must make it their directive to instruct sportsmen in all realms of preparation- physical, psychological, tactical, and technical.

Important to note is that all four regimes of preparation are not exclusive to sport disciplines alone. These regimes of preparation are fundamental towards attaining mastery in nearly any task; in this case, training for sport.

I possess an absolute knowing in the significance of the highly organized approach of the Russian and Eastern European process of scientific sports preparation. Following is a list of my professional endeavors:

  • Assistant Coach of Physical Preparation (Football) University of Pittsburgh
  • Training Consultant to U.S. and foreign military special operations commandos
  • Writer and Q&A staff member at Elite Fitness Systems (
  • Published Author
  • Professional lecturer and consultant in the field of sports training