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University of Pittsburgh Physical Preparation for American Football
Elite Fitness Systems
Dr. Verkhoshansky
Long-Term Athlete Development
AC Milan
BOSCO system
Super Sport Systems
Inno Sport
Coach Rob Lowe
Performance Training Center
Parisi Speed School
Kelly Baggett

Science and Literature

Stadion Newsletters
Science Daily
International Association for Sports Information
Omega Wave Sport
The Russian Weightlifting Library
Sportivny Press
Gray’s Anatomy
Dr. Atko Viru
Dr. Paavo Komi
Dr. Mel Siff
Soviet Sports Wars
Pub Med
Anatomical Models
Dr. Stuart McGill
Dr. Yessis
Ultimate Athlete Concepts
Newton’s Three Laws of Motion
Introduction to Mechanisms
The Gross Physiology of the Cardiovascular System
Textbook in Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology


Westside Barbell Club
International Powerlifting Federation
European Powerlifting Federation
Powerlifting Watch
South Carolina Barbell
Metal Sport & Wear


American Weightlifting
Weightlifting Database
International Weightlifting Federation
Lift Up
Weightlifting Exchange
European Weightlifting Federation
Dynamic Fitness
Iron Mind

Strong Man

Worlds Strongest Man

Track and Field

Charlie Francis
Werner Gunthor’s Training
Site of Dr. Wolfgang Ritzdorf
International Association of Athletics Federations
The Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre
Si Hunt
Mac Throw Video
Sports Coach
Track and Field News
Power Running
Stabhochsprung -Video Database of Pole Vault


Gymnastics Skills Index
Gymnastics Conditioning

Olympic Games

International Olympic Committee
Olympic Games Results
Olympic History
Hickock Sports


Russian Anthems Museum
Team Hoyt
National Football League
Sporting Heroes
Zeitgeist Movie
Lift Strong
Conversion Calculator